Nights Out

Let yourself enjoy the wonderful possibilities of your day off by organizing the most exciting, chill and memorable night out – alone or with a group of your favorite people. Whether you are heading to a special occasion or just want to treat yourself to a well-deserved night of low inhibitions, book Blue Nile’s town car service Boston and take pleasure in being pampered, a bit spoilt and fully cared for. Trust us to take you anywhere between New England and New York for the most memorable time.

If you’ve decided to turn your night out into a group outing, Blue Nile Livery offers a fabulous 12 passenger van rental that will accommodate your group; the more space you’ve got, the less your outfit gets wrinkled.

An additional benefit of your Nile booking is that you’ll be relieved entirely of traffic stress, parking hassles, and all other traffic shenanigans that could ruin your night out mojo. With chauffeur service from Blue Nile Livery, the journey is just as exciting as the destination. Blue Nile Livery prides itself on consummate professionalism, flawless “luxury car rental near me,” and complete discretion. You’ll love the all the little goodies that come with your ride, making your night out even better than you hoped it would be. And don’t get us started on all the pleasantries that await once you step into your rented car!

Blue Nile Livery experience is what you’ve been missing this whole time. Why? Our beautiful, well-appointed vehicles and experienced drivers take luxury transportation to the next level, whether you’re headed to a gala, special dinner, Celtics game, or a simple night on the town.

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