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Airport Car & Limosine Service


Leave the frustration of traffic and waiting behind. You can always rely on Blue Nile to provide comfortable and reliable transportation. Our professionally trained drivers know their way around the city and they’ll be sure to sustain Blue Nile’s impeccable reputation of punctuality.

A Blue Nile driver is standing by to pick you up or drop you off at any regional airport in New England, including Boston’s Logan Airport (BOS). We are fully licensed by the Port Authority to provide 24/7 service direct to any terminal or private aviation entrance. Book a private Boston airport limo or van for your family, friends or business team.

Our private airport service is affordable, reliable and has plenty of room for all your luggage!

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Roadshows & Chauffeur Service


Blue Nile values your satisfaction above all else. We understand that your transportation needs and preferences are unique. We listen, plan carefully for your trip, and deliver on our promises with no detail left to chance. We will make sure you arrive on time and without any frustration. We also take your security and comfort very seriously. Our hand-selected, licensed drivers have passed extensive background checks, and are insured for your protection.

Chauffeur service from Blue Nile Livery aims to guarantee as much satisfaction as your next road show.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Convention Group Transport


Whether fan or political convention, Blue Nile will be there to provide door-to-door service. Our drivers will verify every detail of your schedule and transportation needs to ensure your best convention experience yet. Attentiveness to our customers is key.

We also take your security and comfort seriously. Blue Nile’s hand-selected drivers will be waiting to pick you up in uniform.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Night Outs

night outs

Don’t worry about public transportation or the hassle of parking! With chauffeur service from Blue Nile Livery, the journey can be just as exciting as the destination. Blue Nile prides itself on consummate professionalism, flawless service, and complete discretion. Our beautiful, well-appointed vehicles and experienced drivers take luxury transportation to the next level, whether you’re headed to a gala, special dinner, Celtics game, or a simple night on the town.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

NYC, to and from Boston

bos to nyx

If you don’t feel like sitting in traffic on the Pike or taking the train, then you won’t have to when you book with Blue Nile today. Let Blue Nile Livery make your travel as luxurious as possible regardless of the reason for your trip.

With our drivers, you don’t need to worry about navigating the fastest route because we’ve got you covered. Just relax and let us provide our flawless service. Choose from your choice of four luxury vehicle classes.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Corporate Car & Limosine Service


At Blue Nile Livery, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we’ve designed our corporate benefits package to specifically address your needs. We’ve optimized the transportation experience to ensure that our corporate services succeed, where other companies have failed. From the initial booking to your departure, your travel needs are simplified and streamlined thanks to our acclaimed automated systems. As a corporate account member, you’ll enjoy:

– Easy to use and secure online reservation system
– Simplified and personalized account management
– Electronic billing capabilities
– Dedicated hotline and account executive
– Event coordination
– Streamlined voucher system
– Ability to monitor user activity

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Cruiseport Boston Service


No matter the time of year Blue Nile will provide luxury car service to any passenger ferry in the Boston or New England area. Whether it’s a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard or a carefree weekend on Nantucket, we’ll make sure you reach the port of your destination with reliable punctuality. Choose from one of our four luxury vehicle classes.

Blue Nile drivers strive to sustain our reputation of consummate service. Each driver has been carefully selected and passed extensive background checks to ensure your safety and comfort.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online

Wedding Proms


Blue Nile would honored to be a part of your special day. We know that Weddings, Proms, and Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are days that you’ll want to cherish. Transportation details and traffic should be the last things on your mind. Our drivers aim to abide by your needs so that your day should go as smoothly as you’ve dreamed. We’d be overjoyed to assist in any way you wish—request a “Just Married” banner. Whatever the request may be, just ask; we’ll see what we can do.

Blue Nile drivers are hand-selected to continue our reputation of professionalism, courteousness, and timeliness.

Call Blue Nile at 617-953-6203 or
book your reservation online


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