Boston: Go City Explorer Pass Including 4 to 6 Attractions

We know better than living in Boston is expensive, but that’s not troublesome for budget-oriented people. Luckily, Boston offers fantastic places to visit free of cost or comparatively cheaper. Here are 6 of the best hassle-free places to visit in Boston, from fascinating museums and historical sites to delightful areas of natural beauty.

Boston’s Freedom Trail:

Boston’s Freedom Trail is the tourist’s first attraction, 2.5 miles from Boston’s heart, with remarkable landmarks. And marked with medals on the street to present as a location of historical significance. A thin red brick will take you to the exact location without getting lost in another way.

Iconic Sites on the Freedom Trail:

  •   Massachusetts State House
  •   Robert Gould Shaw Memorial
  •   Old South Meeting House
  •   Boston Massacre Monument
  •   Bunker Hill Monument
  •   Paul Revere House
  •   U.S.S. Constitution
  •   Old State House
  •   Old City Hall
  •   Faneuil Hall

Boston Fire Museum:

Boston Fire Museum is located at an ancient firehouse with several artifacts signifying the history of firefighting. It comprises a few historic fire engines along with buckets for water and trumpets to direct firemen. A visit to Boston Fire Museum is free of cost, but admire visitor’s donations.

Schedule a free visit:

  •     Open: On Fridays and Saturdays
  •     Friday Hours: 5 pm to 8 pm
  •     Saturday Hours: 9:30 am to 4 pm

Massachusetts State House:

If you are fond of knowing the history of Boston, enjoy the free trip to the Massachusetts State House. This tour provides a detailed history of the architecture of the State Capitol, state insects, and the theme of the “Sacred Cod.”

Schedule of the free trip:

  •   Available: On working days
  • Time: From 10 am to 3:30 pm
  •   Duration: 30 to 45 minutes
  •   Closed: On weekends and off days
  •   Reservations are a must

Stargazing at Coit Observatory:

Stargazing at Coit Observatory is the most romantic activity after dark through telescopes. This event is free of cost, but you have to reserve tickets on time. Fortunately, ticket reservation is comparatively effortless. Limited space is available on Public Open Nights for this romantic event; everyone cannot enter here. 

  •   Tickets: Free of cost
  •   Availability: Wednesdays with clear skies
  •   Spring/Summer time: 8:30 pm
  •   Fall/Winter time: 7:30 pm

Night Shift Brewery:

Free tours of the brewery are available every weekend. Most are held during the day, while two are arranged on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 pm. Although there is tough competition in Boston, Night Shift Brewing is progressing quickly with unique craft beers. The tour won’t cost a penny but demands donations to the Greater Boston Food Bank. You can also buy some snacks and beer at the Night Shift Brewery.

Castle Island:

Tourists often miss this place, but Castle Island is the catchy place to walk or rollerblade along Boston Harbor. This island, with a 22-acre land area, comprises numerous interesting sites mentioned below:

  •   Terrific walkways
  •   Matchless views of Boston Harbor
  •   Logan Airport
  •   A shoreline string of parks
  •   Beaches along with a wide playground, picnic tables, and grassy areas.
  •     A well-known Sullivan’s Snack Bar that serves burgers, fries, drinks, and ice cream.
  •     Fort Independence is the oldest granite site in British North America.

Schedule a free tour of Fort Independence:

  •   Days: Saturday and Sunday
  •   Time: 12 pm to 3:30 pm
  •   Duration: Almost 30 minutes (can be increased on your guide)
  •   No carriage accommodation


Finally, we can conclude that Boston features a lot of hassle-free places to visit for budget-minded people. They can enjoy a trip to mesmerizing areas without paying a penny.

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