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The moment you step off your aircraft, our chauffeur service begins. Blue Nile Livery is proud to be associated with private aviation companies throughout the World. Transporting to FBOs safely and promptly.

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Chauffeur services at all airports with Blue Nile Livery. We specialize in private jet transfers. A luxury transfer service to and from all private jet terminals (FBO) throughout the world.

Your handler provides planning, coordination, confirmation, and delivery of all aspects of your flight, regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. In coordination with your private jet center of choice, the Blue Nile Livery team will ensure seamless travel arrangements.

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In most private airports, procedures are similar throughout the world, and just as with commercial flight arrangements, your Blue Nile Livery chauffeur will monitor your flight, either through the use of one of the many flight tracking apps, such as Flight Aware, or by directly contacting your aviation provider and providing your booking name and flight number.


Most of us experience a level of anxiety when traveling, but if you have a private jet, you can travel on your own terms exclusively. We thought it would be helpful to point out some of the major advantages of chartering a private jet in light of private jet travel becoming increasingly accessible.


Private jets offer the benefit of saving time. As a result of increased security and health checks, many airlines recommend that passengers check-in 3-4 hours before their scheduled departure time for long-haul flights and 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time for short-haul commercial flights. You will be able to check-in as late as 30 minutes before your flight departs if you have your own pilot.


Private jet travel entails that as soon as you enter your dedicated terminal, your luggage will be whisked away. Then your personal flight manager offers you refreshments as you confirm your reservation.


Among the benefits of private jet travel is the ability to clear immigration and customs while on board.

Once your aircraft has landed and before you take off, customs and excise will board the plane and clear you for immigration. Your luggage will be seamlessly loaded while you are busy with the officers, and then delivered to Blue Nile Livery’s chauffeur while he is parked on the tarmac near your aircraft.

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You will be driven to the arrivals terminal where you can grab a shower in the arrivals suites if you wish to refresh yourself before proceeding to your next destination.

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Wonderful ride!
John Everett
John Everett
July 27, 2023.
Professional driver, clean comfortable car. Thank you for being on time.
Lynn Clancy
Lynn Clancy
July 25, 2023.
Wonderful interface to make and see your reservations. Also contacting Blue Nile via email was a very pleasant experience as they were very helpful and made sure that all my questions were answered (too many reps to mention by name) Pickup and drop offs were smooth and professional. The car was ready at the airport even though our flight arrived much earlier than scheduled. When in Boston, this is our go to service.
H Lee
H Lee
July 24, 2023.
Cannot recommend Samir as a driver enough. He was so kind and accommodating - he also saved us over 45 minutes of traffic by avoiding certain routes. Will definitely be using this service again!
Eve Sullivan
Eve Sullivan
July 22, 2023.
Our driver, Carlos, was great! Early to pick us up. Got us to the airport in plenty of time. It was my most relaxing trip to the airport ever!
Kelly B
Kelly B
July 18, 2023.
We’ve used Blue Nile a number of times for trips to and from the airport. They are very reliable, cars are perfect, drivers are very courteous. Highly recommend them.
Pam Goodman
Pam Goodman
July 12, 2023.
Thank you meeting and transfer the group to hotel today. I received phone call Mr Shimizu. Please send my Thank you to driver who met the group.
July 10, 2023.