Boston to New York Drive: Hidden Gems and Local Secrets

boston to new york drive

The drive from Boston to New York is the best route for travellers looking to visit the attractive cities and beautiful landscapes of the East Coast.

While Boston is filled with a range of attractions there are also several hidden gems and local secrets waiting to be discovered along the way. 

Do you want to know what are the hidden gems and local secrets available to visit? 

Here we’ll discuss some of the Hidden Gems and Local Secrets of the Boston to New York drive with an itinerary. 

1) Enter Through The Secret Door

Boston has a rich and varied history and a rich history of speakeasy bars, which was a major feature in the Prohibition time. Numerous speakeasies and bars hidden in the city are making a comeback within Boston, providing a unique and intimate experience. To enter these establishments customers needed to enter a secret password when they entered the doors.

While alcohol is legal today, the allure of secrecy remains. Many of these hidden gems require advance reservations, so be sure to book your spot as early as possible, as they tend to fill up quickly.

2) Brattle Book Shop

For those who love books, Brattle Book Shop is the best choice for them to visit. It was founded in 1825 and is the oldest and biggest used bookshop.

The store has a vast  collection of more than 250,000 items that include used books and postcards, maps, prints, and many other things. Make sure to visit the third floor, which is where you’ll see  a selection of books that are rare and old that bibliophiles will appreciate.

Brattle Book Shop is the ideal place where you can browse through old volumes, rare first editions and literature. There’s a chance that you will find a forgotten classic or rare piece of history inside the pages.

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3) Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)

Art lovers with a taste for the unconventional should head to the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA). Founded in 1994, this unique museum showcases art that is, in their words, “too bad to be ignored.” MOBA’s collection consists of original art pieces where the artist’s intentions were noble, but the execution went awry, resulting in amusing and often bizarre creations. It’s a place where one can see that there is beauty in the nebulous and unusual.

4) The Great Molasses Flood Of 1919

On the 15th of January, On January 15, 1919, Boston experienced a tragic event known as the Great Molasses Flood. A massive tank containing 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst, sending a tidal wave of molasses two stories high down Commercial Street, causing destruction in its path. This disaster claimed the lives of 21 people and left Boston Harbor brown from molasses until summer. A small green plaque titled “Boston Molasses Flood” serves as a reminder and can be found near the entrance to Puopolo Park.

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5) Fenway Victory Gardens

It is located just adjacent to Fenway Park, the Fenway Victory Gardens are an undiscovered area in the city. Fenway Victory Gardens

In World War II, Victory Gardens were an important element of war efforts where people grew fruit and vegetables to compensate for the food shortages. The Fenway Victory Garden is one of the last Victory Gardens in the United States. It covers 7.5 acres of land, the garden has  500 gardens that are looked after by different residents and groups.

In addition to the traditional garden, there is also a unique garden. Fenway Victory Garden also has a distinct plot, like The Teaching Garden, Bee Apiary, and Pollinator Garden as well as the Medicinal Herb Garden. The stroll through these beautiful gardens is a peaceful break from the city hustle and bustle.

6) Tread Carefully At Old Granary Burying Ground

The Old Granary Burying Ground is a historical cemetery located in Boston and is where a variety of famous individuals are buried, including Samuel Adams, John Hancock as well and Paul Revere. But a shocking incident took place in 2009,  when a tourist walking near Paul Revere’s tombstone accidentally uncovered an unknown crypt. Though she was unharmed and didn’t come into contact with human remains, her discovery revealed a hidden staircase leading to the crypt, which had not been listed in historical records. It’s a unique piece of history beneath the gravestones.

7) Find The Boston Bricks

Near Boston’s Freedom Trail, between Winthrop Lane, Otis, and Arch Streets, you can discover a beautiful attraction known as  Boston Bricks. The approximately 100 bronze reliefs that are each one the dimensions of a brick are a representation of Boston’s past and future. These gems offer a fun way to discover more about Boston’s heritage and history while detaining from the more popular tourist routes.

 8) Titanic Historical Society Museum  

If you have spare time you may want to consider driving into Springfield, Massachusetts, to visit the Titanic Historical Society Museum. This museum has a range of artefacts, many of which were donated by Titanic survivors.  Visiting this museum gives a special perspective on one of history’s most popular maritime disasters.

9) Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an undiscovered treasure located in Boston. It was established in 1903, by Isabella Stewart Gardner herself, the museum has a beautiful collection of more than 7,500 artworks and sculptures, textiles, ceramics, and silver. The museum gained international attention in 1990, when 13 works of art, plus pieces by Degas, Vermeer, and Rembrandt, were stolen. To this day, the stolen things have not been recovered, adding an air of mystery to this cultural institution.

While you’re on this journey to Boston towards New York, take the time to discover these hidden gems as well as local secrets throughout your trip. 

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