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Let your hair down and treat yourself to a livery service that will make you forget your daily angsts, office anxieties, and everything else in between. Once you find yourself in the back seat of your luxury rental, all the problems of the world outside will seem so far away. You deserve the best, and it’s high time you started behaving that way! Even more, you don’t have to worry about the usual astronomical cost of hiring a limousine service. With Blue Nile Livery, you’ll get your amazing limo ride, without breaking the bank.

No matter the time of year Blue Nile will provide luxury Boston Car Service to any passenger ferry in the Boston or New England area. Whether you are traveling on a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard or a carefree weekend on Nantucket, your private chauffeur will make it a fabulous adventure you’ll never forget. Whoever said a ride to the final destination needs to be dull, right? Our staff will make sure your car rental is equipped with everything you could need on the road along with pleasantries to make your ride sweeter and more relaxed. Blue Nile Livery understands the importance of honored schedules, so be sure you’ll reach the port of your destination punctually.

Choose from one of our four luxury vehicle classes.

Blue Nile drivers strive to sustain our reputation for perfect service. Each driver has been carefully selected after having passed extensive background checks to ensure your safety and comfort. On top of that, they are the most cordial, cultured and educated experts who know the road and know the clients. Blue Nile chauffeurs are excellent in reading the clients’ moods and wishes, making your ride everything you want it to be – from an enjoyable chit-chat session to a comfortable, pleasant silence.

Blue Nile Livery is that ounce of luxury you need in your life.

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