Privacy Policy

At Blue Nile Livery, we gather some specific information placed on our website of On this page of our Privacy Policy, we have our policies, and the systems for the gathering and treatment of that gathered information [known as PII or Personally Identifiable Information] that can help anyone for identifying any user, get in touch or locate that person.

This privacy policy is just for our website. It has no association with any third person, website, etc. The policy even has no link with the services, websites, or anything associated with our official site. The case is the same even if that site or service is suggested or recommended by any of our team members or staff.

This system also does not implement on our offline site activities or any other online service that our company operates.

PII We Collect

The Personally Identifiable Information that we collect from our users who purchase our products and services are as follows:

  • User’s Name
  • Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Credit Card Number
  • Telephone Number

Furthermore, we may use the cookies for the collection of certain information from not only our purchasers but all users who had not even bought any of our services. It’s possible that you are not aware of what the cookie is. A cookie is the sequence or series of data that our system transfers to our customer’s computer. That information assists our system and site in recognizing your computer the next time you visit us. Cookies provide us the information like your visits to our site, usage data, the regularity of your visits, What you do, and spent your time at our site.

Our Use Of PII

Do not you know how and for what direction we will use PII [Personal Identifiable Information]? So, let us tell you regarding it. We use your PII for the following reasons:

  • To Create Your Account
  • To Be In Connection With You For The Service That You Bought From Us
  • To Look Forward Your Payment
  • To Grant You Our Further Services And Products.

We utilize this collected information to the needed extent. That is, We use it only to reinforce the terms and requirements of our website. This information is also beneficial for us to restrict any expected harm to the property or individual.

Our Cookies support us to recognize you and give you the data you are most probably looking to have. For example, if you return to our site, these cookies recognize you and help you sign in more promptly. Our cookies will also remember the services you purchase from us, so it can suggest to you the related and similar things in your coming visits. In the end, we record the information of our site visits and on-page timings for the satistical record. But, these things have nothing to do with your PII.

Protection Of PII

For the protection of Personally Identifiable Information, we use the right security tools. But, unluckily even after taking these measures for your PII security, we can not ensure its protection. We clear this thing here that we have not guaranteed any such security, and you are using our site acknowledging this at your jeopardy.

Contractor And Third Party Access To PII

We permit the access of some specific employees, vendors, and contractors to PII [Personally Identifiable Information]. Those employees or contractors help and aid us in providing you your asked services or in our business. We ask the contractors to sign some contracts where they assure that they will protect PII and use reasonable procedures and measures for it. If there’s any suspected violence or any illegal behavior observed from your side, we are allowed to disclose the PII to the law enforcement authorizations, attorneys, etc. We are allowed to disclose any information that the court demands from us or is essential for saving the individual from any harm.

We have already told you that we gather website usage data for the statistics, we can also publish them as they are not part of PII.

Accessing And Correcting Your PII

We have given our customers the liberty to change or correct the data anytime on their profile by changing their information online, logging in again, or by taking our customer support from the following contact:


Amendment Of This Privacy Policy

We have all rights to make any amendment or change in this Privacy Policy whenever we want. We will publish the new updated policy on this page on our site. The date of the update will be there at the top of the Policy Page, so you can look at the last update in it. It is our request to check for the recent updates in this policy at some interval of time. The information that we have already taken from you will be used according to the terms at the time you gave that to us. Your use of our website and services ensures that you agree to our terms and policies.