Taipei Car Rental

Blue Nile Livery is providing secure luxury black car rental services to visitors in Taipei. You can hire an experienced chauffeur from Blue Nile Livery who speaks English and is meticulous, polite, and well-versed in transporting you to your location swiftly, safely, and without worry. In Taiwan, we provide Taipei car rental services and Taichung, Hsinchu.

Taipei Car Rental

Blue Nile Livery Transportation is a secure sightseeing company in Taipei that provides a variety of top-level car amenities, including airport shuttles from Taipei to Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan Airport,  exclusive Taipei tours, and more.

Luxury Transportation Services Taipei

We offer exclusive travel in Taipei utilizing pristine new fleets, driven by pleasant, qualified drivers. Chauffeurs that communicate in English are available in Taic Hung and Hsinchu rentals. Hire our Black Cars and chauffeurs for the duration of a day, a week, a month, or a half to get you wherever you wish to travel and then return to your hotel.

Hire our fleets & chauffeurs In Taipei for the duration of a day, a week, a month, or a half to get you wherever you wish to travel and then return to your hotel. All year long, our limo rental services in Taipei are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Make a simple online reservation for a quick reservation by contacting our 24-hour assistance line.

Car Rental between Taipei to Keelung Cruise Port

We offer car rental transportation to and from Keelung Harbour. Your family name will be prominently mentioned on our driver’s name board as he meets you at the Keelung port’s arrivals area. He will then drive you straight from Keelung to Taoyuan Airport or any Taipei lodging utilizing the least hazardous and fastest routes. A tour can be scheduled if you are just in Taipei for the duration of the day to make the most of your stay in town.

Airport Transportation & Arrival Services In Taipei

Experience an immaculate, brand-new car or minibus for your personalized airport ride to or from Taipei’s two major airports. Either Songshan Domestic Airport or Taipei Taoyuan International Airport are served by the airport transportation services BNL offer. When you choose our airline return limo assistance, the driver will greet you in the arrivals area with your last name clearly written on a noticeboard and take you straight to your accommodation via the fastest and more secure route. You will be greeted in the lobby for the hotel pickup limo service by our driver.

BNL Provides Private tours In Taipei

Depending on the locations and sights you want to visit, Blue Nile Livery can create special tours only for you!  For travelers on their own who want to take charge of their schedule and choose where to go and what to see rather than being dragged around with a big group of individuals who are unfamiliar, our expert, competitively priced tours are perfect. The tours comprise a customized, professional fluent English tour operator who will assist the driver and give you and your party an introduction to each notable site and tour location. Includes both the arrival and departure at your hotel. For private tour inspiration, have a look at some of our recommended Taipei area sites. Or are you certain of your intentions? Great! We’ll make a trip schedule easy for you if you give us a holiday plan.

Six Justifications for Employing A Chauffeur In Taipei

On an annual basis, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, either for a quick city vacation or to have a conversation with a major customer. Numerous well-known tourist attractions may be found in the city, such as the once-highest structure in the world, Taipei 101, the famed hot springs, and the mouthwatering delicacies available in the Shilin Night Market.


Q. Why do you Require a Taipei Private Driver?

Taipei is nonetheless a heavily crowded city with a clogged transit infrastructure. While certain tourists to Taipei might want to think about hiring a Taipei rental car for driving themselves, there are a number of reasons why it is not advised and why you ought to hire a Taipei driver instead.

Q. It’s Difficult To Rent A Car In Taipei

First off, foreign visitors who drive in Taipei with a worldwide permit must adhere to tight regulations in Taiwan. A global driving license must be presented along with the actual license for driving from the nation of provenance in order to drive or hire an automobile in Taiwan.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that having a genuine automobile license remains necessary in addition to a foreign driving permit. Additionally, when driving in Taiwan, you must always have both your current original driving license and your international driving permit with you. As a result, foreign tourists may not always find it convenient to rent and drive a car in Taipei.

Q. Public transport is sluggish and uncomfortable

What are your options now that you’ve eliminated leasing and operating a car by yourself? Although it is possible to go to the majority of the city’s locations by bus or underground, some visitors may choose to use Taipei’s rail system instead. However, neither of these options is particularly quick or efficient.

Q. Finding English-speaking taxi drivers is Difficult

Renting a private cab is a second choice, but even though English proficiency in Taipei is not always as strong as in Mainland China, tourists can not count on their taxi driver to be able to communicate in English. So it can be challenging to take a taxi in Taipei if you don’t speak Chinese.

A basic order like giving the chauffeur the location can unexpectedly seem hard when neither the driver nor the passenger can communicate in English or Chinese. Any variety of complications may, and inevitably do, arise during a trip, leaving the passenger with no method to communicate even if they have the destination to provide to the driver.

Q. What are Taipei Car Rental Hiring Conditions?

Arrival and departure – Have yourself picked up anywhere you choose in Taipei and left at the front door of the hotel to save the stress of navigating subways or the hassle of hailing a cab.

Stay away from cab frauds by booking a rental car in Taipei beforehand to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to one of the awful taxi hoaxes that are all too widespread in this region of the world. Travelers can unwind knowing they are with a firm they are familiar with and an individual they can trust. See for other cheap Boston car rental services.