Transportation Companies in Boston-

Our company’s mission is to produce top quality, courteous and on time services to company Boston, professionals on leisure visits within the larger New Boston areas and special occasion Transportation Companies Boston services to weddings or for an evening get in Boston. we are a full-service ground Transportation Companies Boston with a few years expertise within the business of transporting Boston finest.

Our commitment to you

Blue Nile Livery promise to be at your doorsteps at least 15 minutes before the agreed time of pickup and ready to service your needs. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Blue Nile Livery are there to provide you with the best services possible in the transportation business. For your convenience, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our vehicles are meticulous, well maintained.

Boston Chauffeurs

Transportation Companies Boston

Our Transportation Companies in Boston staffed with employees who have big love for Boston. We all carry great pride for the Boston area, from our beloved sports teams—the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, and others—to some of the most important history in the nation. Our experienced chauffeurs can find the most obscure athletic field to the most distant tourist attraction. They know how to avoid high traffic or congested areas, and take pleasure in pointing out their favorite Boston sites. When confirming your outing, your reservation agent will help organize the location details, direction, and take any special information regarding the destination and pass it along to our chauffeurs. So if you ever want to return to a favorite Boston spot, we’ll already have the information on file for you.

Finding the Best of the Best

Blue Nile Livery take how we evaluate new chauffeurs to a higher level than most Transportation Companies in Boston. We conduct thorough and rigorous interviews to evaluate the chauffeur’s personality, experience, and predispositions. Blue Nile Livery chauffeurs are required to have what we believe is the appropriate, experience and aptitude to not only control. Blue Nile Livery provide a concierge-level service to customers the only way that Blue Nile Livery knows how.

Commitment to Ongoing Training and Support

Once our chauffeurs are fully integrated into the company and have passed all of our established criteria, they become a vital part of our organization. We are committed to providing ongoing support and updated training to all of our chauffeurs to help them maintain their aptitude and grow their skill sets. To provide an extra layer of preparedness to our passengers, every chauffeur is certified in first aid and is trained to respond efficiently and accurately in the event of an emergency.

The Blue Nile Livery Company Culture

We believe that by creating a company culture that is motivated by the desire to create amazing customer experiences is at the heart of our success. At Blue Nile Livery, our employees work together seamlessly in an environment that anticipates our customer’s needs. We empower our employees to make decisions, to use their judgment, experience, and innovation when considering decisions that impact the customer or company. We acknowledge our employees for exceptional performance and inspire them to bring new ideas and solutions into our business.

Blue Nile Livery Fleet Quality

Our fleet hails from leading industry manufacturers such as International. Each vehicle is routinely tested for safety, tuned for economical fuel usage, and updated when needed to maintain the high standard of excellence we expect from our entire fleet. Because we are an owner-operator and have our own in-house service staff, we are able to do more for our vehicles and maximize their overall performance. This detailed level of fleet control creates savings we happily pass along to our customers.

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