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Airport Greeter Service

Let Us Make Your Traveling Experience Extravagant

Boston Airport Greeters Service – Just imagine that you land at the Boston Airport and leave it, and there is a professional team of travel experts that is guiding you throughout your way to your first-class seat in an extravagant and luxurious ride. You, the imagination undoubtedly has given you the goosebumps of that scenario. You would have felt that as a protocol that is given to celebrities and VIP people.

We can let you experience this in reality and make your traveling experience last for you. We welcome you to our Blue Nile Livery chauffeured services.

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Meet and Greet services in Boston refer to greeters airport services that assist travellers upon their arrival at the airport. A wide range of services are offered, some of them are security clearance and immigration processing. Several companies offer meet-and-greet services in Boston but Blue Nile Livery is one of the safest companies that care about their passenger’s privacy and security.

Services offer at Boston Airport

Blue Nile Livery provides many types of services to their passengers to avoid chaos for the tourists.

Greeter at the Airport

Meet and Greet service will assist you with all processes and ensure you have a wonderful airport experience. This is whether you are on an arrival, departure, or transit flight.

Airport Quick Service

Airport lines present a significant difficulty for travellers from around the world, especially in today’s world where consumers choose contactless solutions and avoid crowds. The Meet and Greet service should be seriously considered because it can expedite airport requirements and processes.

Transportation by Buggy

Upon request and depending on airport availability, meet and greet services typically include a Boston airport shuttle service. Therefore, ask for it when scheduling your service.

Access to Boston Airport Lounges

A lounge at the airport is the best place for your Meet & Greet service and your airport travels. The service gives you access to the airport lounge where you may relax, have some delicious food and drinks, take a little nap, or perhaps set up your laptop and use the waiting time to get work done or make calls for business. Travellers on any airline, in any cabin class, may use meet-and-assist services. Most major commercial airports in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa provide airport assistance.


Blue Nile will be waiting for you when you land in Boston Airport

  • Be already there to greet you when you arrive.

  • Be there with you till the time you meet your chauffeur.

  • Ready porter to carry your belongings.

  • Find your luggage if you have lost it there.



Blue Nile’s expert will stay with you for your assistance in

  • Meeting your boarding pass and curbside.

  • Be there with security to help you have fast processing.

  • For making your check-in process easy for you.

  • Guarding you to the Lounge and Gate.



Friction-free travel and luxury

Greet curbside and check in

Secure wheelchair assistance

Secure luggage and porter assistance

Escort through the security checkpoint

Handle excess luggage fee

Escort to lounge or club

Track delayed luggage

Meet at the airplane. Tip porter

Airport Meet and Greet Rates


  • Meet & Greet


  • * 3 hours Minimum


  • Early Morning


$050Per Minute
  • After Grace Period


As soon we receive your booking request one of our agents will confirm by contacting you via email or call. For immediate Boston airport greet assistance please call customer service at (617) 953-6203 available 24/7.

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