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If you need a ride or other transportation service around Boston town or for your special event, contact Blue Nile Livery for the best transportation services. We are an experienced car services firm and offer transportation services 24 hours with highly trained and licensed Boston Chauffeurs. We take pride in offering prompt and high-quality car services for Logan airport transportation, wedding day traveling, and many other purposes. All you have to do is call us (877) 307-2322 and reserve your desired car service through our reservation system, and our chauffeurs will be there to pick you up and drop you off on time.

Reliable Boston’s Chauffeurs:

Blue Nile Livery offers superior chauffeured transportation throughout Boston and its surroundings. We understand how important it is for you to be in your desired place on time; that’s why we always offer timely car service to get you wherever you want on time. Our Chauffeur car services provide a team of the best Boston Limo Services are certified and trained through our effective training program to ensure that you will be at your destination safely. Blue Nile Livery dedicated staff members are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep our services running seamlessly behind the scenes.

Chauffeur Service in Boston

Our stylish and luxurious cars allow travelers to arrive at the event’s venue or Boston Logan Airport in complete style and enjoy the ride with first-class transportation service. From the luxurious car options to the professional and courteous Boston Chauffeur, Blue Nile Livery’s main objective is to ensure you will get a good riding experience every time because you deserve it. So stay relaxed in our corporate car and do everything you want to, which means meeting preparation.

First Class Chauffeur Service

Blue Nile Livery has the name of the best transportation service firm with the help and dedication of our friendly and professional Boston Car Service. Our chauffeurs have been in the transportation field for many years and have much experience in Boston’s areas and high-quality traveling. Our First Class team of professional Boston Chauffeurs is dedicated to meeting the customers’ needs. That’s why they always offer customized car services to meet their needs. BNL chauffeurs treat every customer, either existing or new, in a very respectful and friendly manner because they are courteous and take great care of their needs and respect.

Boston’s Best Chauffeurs

You don’t need to be worried about late or timely arrivals because our chauffeurs know all alternative ways. Boston Livery Service can easily handle every type of traffic condition but ensures you will be at your destination on time. This means that if the traffic on your way is blocked badly, they take safe and short alternatives and get you there safely and promptly.

At Blue Nile Livery, we know that our customers expect and deserve exceptional luxury fleets and car service from us and always want to arrive at their destination in style. Along with the best Boston Chauffeur services, we provide stylish, well-maintained, and elegantly designed cars with various amenities. This will help them enjoy the ride up to the highest level of enjoyment and get their interest for further transportation needs. So if you ever want a reliable car and friendly Boston Chauffeur service, Blue Nile Livery should be your first choice. Book your favorite vehicle with an experienced chauffeur.


Q) Why choose BNL Boston chauffeur service?

When you hire the BNL Boston chauffeur service, all of your travel arrangements are taken care of. When you book a ride with us from the airport or to the airport, you will not have to wait long as all of the drivers and chauffeurs are highly efficient. Our limo service is a luxurious and comfortable way to travel.

Q) Is Blue Nile Livery has a professional chauffeur?

Yes, we have got highly train and professional chauffeurs. We pay special attention to the training of the drivers and chauffeurs so that our valued customers will enjoy the luxurious and relaxing travel with us. You will feel that you never had these kinds of specialized and professional services before.

How Much Does a Chauffeur Cost In Boston ? 

We are here to introduce how Much a Chauffeur costs in Boston. For chauffeur transportation, there is a wide range of choices. Boston private driver provides services to and from Boston International Airports of Massachusetts, it also provides services in various places, landmarks and attractions in or around the city. These Limousines include traditional black car sedan limos to luxury SUVs, also, there are vans and coaches available for our valuable clients.

The cost of each vehicle depends and varies upon factors such as the vehicle type, the duration of services and any additional amenities if required. Mostly, the chauffeur charges by the hours, the more travel you require, the more you will have to pay. Limo with chauffeur charges start from $75 to $215 per hour in Boston depending upon the type of vehicle. 

Chauffeur Can Cost!

Before choosing any Limo with chauffeur services it is best to consider the below-mentioned points, this will help you choose the perfect private chauffeur Boston for your trip inside Boston: 

  • Quotes from different companies help you compare prices and services. Before making any decision, it is requested you please compare prices and services from various vehicle service providers in Boston. 
  • When it comes to your transportation desires, don’t compromise your comfort, it is suggested that please consider previous experience with a track record of Luxury transportation services and then go with the best one you have experienced before. 
  • Try not to plan your trip during peak days, mostly weekends, as rates will be higher than working days. Especially on holidays, due to high demand, rates must be higher. 
  • Chauffeur costs in Boston may vary on the type of vehicle you choose to travel. Most luxurious chauffeur driven cars are always higher than standard Limo. 
  • Chauffeur costs may vary depending on the reputation of the company; mostly well-known companies charge higher than unknown or new companies. Mostly, well-known companies have professional and experienced chauffeurs. 
  • Try to book your Limousine in advance. Mostly, bookings tend to have more discounts offered by the company. 
  • Mostly, chauffeur charges may vary on the hour you travel. As long as you travel, you will have to pay by the hour you spend. Many vehicle transportation providers offer discounts for longer trips. 

You should follow below mentioned points before booking any chauffeur services, this guidance will help you choose the perfect Boston chauffeurs according to your need or preferences. Let’s have a look: 

Base Charges 

You should start with the base charges charged by the chauffeur service provider. Mostly, they charged per hour. For chauffeur time and services, this is the standard fee you have to calculate first. 

Duration Cost 

After calculating the base rate, you have to calculate the Duration Cost. For your trip or event, estimate how long you need to travel with the Boston well dressed chauffeur. Now, to calculate the estimated cost, multiply the base rate by the number of hours to get the expected cost. 

Distance Cost 

Many chauffeur services charge by the distance you traveled, you can calculate the distance cost, estimate the total distance of your trip and multiply it by the applicable charges per kilometer. 

Additional Charges  

If you need any extra or additional services, the chauffeur service provider charges you additional costs. These include waiting time, extra distance or any special request. Before booking any chauffeur service in Boston, try to estimate an additional hourly rate charged by the company. 

Taxes Fee 

Estimate the Taxes Fee on top of the base rates or any additional charges in your calculations. All Limousine chauffeur service providers in Boston charge tax fees. 

Discounts or Package  

Many chauffeur companies in Boston offer Discounts or Packages for long-distance journeys or any special bookings. To reduce the total charges, include this discount in your total cost. 

Quote Company  

Before booking any Limousine, try to survey different chauffeur service providers, collect quotes from them and compare their services and offers. Now choose the option that better fits your budget and needs. 

Final Calculations  

Through Final Calculations, you can better estimate your budget before Limo booking. Now, add all the above-mentioned components or factors- base rates, other charges and taxes- to calculate the final cost of hiring professional black tie chauffeur in Boston. 

In Boston, For any special occasions, you will find outstanding transportation service options with professional chauffeurs. There is an exceptional service offered by Boston Limo transportation service provider. These companies offers professional private services Boston that provides exceptional services to the local community or visitors in Boston. With a Boston chauffeur guide, you can make your journey memorable. There is a complete range of limousines from luxurious to standard Limo, you can any of them that better suits your budget and fulfills your transportation needs and requirements while traveling in Boston.