Important Limousine company Survey Questions

Important limousine company survey questions

What are surveys and their purpose to conduct?

Surveys are mechanisms for collecting data from people to make better business decisions. What does survey research include? It includes customer behavior or market research. Surveys play a vital role in business decision-making. Surveys come in many kinds, and customer satisfaction is one of them.

What are the ways to conduct surveys? It can be concocted online, face-to-face, via telephone, polls, and paper questionnaires. Which method gives you access to the largest audience? Online surveys. Yeah, from the comfort of the internet, companies collect surveys that provide more data than other surveys.

When do you need to conduct surveys? They can be accomplished at any time. Several limo companies are trying to do online surveys. Why? To enhance their limo business to make good decisions by watching customer demand.

However, here are some essential limousine survey questions that might help your customer experience:

Questions about Reservation Services:

What’s your opinion about our online reservation system and reservation agents?

The system is user-friendly, and the agents are professional to communicate.

Was it convenient to reserve through our online booking portal?

Yes, the portal was easily accessible, and it was pretty convenient to book online.

Did you face any issues regarding online booking?

No, it’s easy and so simple to book through the portal.

Were you satisfied with our agent’s communication?

Yes, the agent shows professional behavior and assists in all regards.

Were you got all the details about the limo service, such as location, time, pricing, and others?

Yes, there were no hidden or additional charges applied. The prices were clear and distinct. So, I didn’t face some extra charges with this service.

Were our chauffeurs courteous and professional?

Yeah, the drivers were well-mannered and professional.

Were our chauffeurs punctual?

Yup, when I reached, I found him on the spot.

What’s your overall experience in our vehicle (including internal and external appearance)?

The vehicle was well-designed, and the interior was beautifully decorated. Overall, the experience with this limo organization was excellent.

What’s your opinion about our limo services?

Overall, the Black Limo Service is excellent. For now, there is no necessity to improve. But in the future, you should go with the latest limo models.

What’s your overall experience in our vehicle (including internal and external appearance)?

The internal and external look was fantastic! Thus, we got an exceptional experience with a limo company.

Were there any hidden or extra charges applied?

No, all the charges were mentioned and confirmed by an online agent. As a result, we avoided any additional charges and paid only what was required.

Are you willing to recommend our limo services to your friends, family, or colleagues?

Yes, we got a great experience, and this service should be recommended to others, whether family members, employees, or bosses.

Questions about the Fleets:

Were you satisfied with our vehicle maintenance?

Yes, the car was well maintained and the latest.

Was our vehicle amenities met with your requirement?

Yes, the vehicle met our requirements.

Were you confident with safety features?

Your car and chauffeur made for a safe drive.

Was your journey comfortable?

Overall, the trip was reliable, comfortable, and secure.

Was our limo spacious to handle your luggage?

Handling luggage was extensive, and there was still extra space.

Did you enjoy limo amenities with your group?

Yup, our group enjoyed this journey with excellent amenities.

Did you face any issues with safety features or vehicle amenities?

No, it was terrific.

Questions about our Chauffeur’s Service:

Were you satisfied with our chauffeur’s appearance and behavior?

The chauffeur was well-mannered and dressed professionally. Furthermore, the driver was courteous and professional.

Did our chauffeur reach on time?

Yeah, he was very professional and punctual.

Was our chauffeur experienced and courteous?

Yes, we didn’t recognize any irrespective or unprofessionalism in the chauffeur.

What’s your opinion about our chauffeur’s punctuality?

The chauffeur was punctual and dropped us at the location on time. Also, he reached the spot timely.

Was our chauffeur well familiar with routes and traffic rules?

Yes, we reached an average time at the desired destination.

Were our drivers proficient in answering your questions confidently?

Yes, when I inquired about my license and other travel documents, they politely showed everything.

How will you rate our chauffeur’s professionalism?

It should be 10/10

Did our chauffeurs represent licenses, respectively?


Did our chauffeur assist you in handling your luggage?

Yes, we didn’t call them to help us, but they did it. And this thing impressed me a lot!

Did our chauffeurs show positive and polite behavior in front of you?

Yes, the vehicle was excellent, and the chauffeurs were more professional and experienced in communication and driving through traffic.